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We make happy games.


We want to provide people a "breathing room" in their busy lives,
that's why we make happy games.

Minion Splash


Coin Rush

Hit the Ball

Brick Crusher Pizzas!

Island God

Market Rush


Layka was one of the first animals in space. He is one of the greatest explorers in history and a loyal friend who sacrificed himself for the human race. We,as a studio, are inspired by Layka's fun and loyal character!

Happy Games is a game philosophy systematized by Layka.

In the 1930s, Dutch philosopher Johan Huizinga developed the concept of HOMO LUDENS, "man the player". This concept tells us that we have built our entire civilization on gamification, and that we have achieved every step forward by playing games.

Based on this philosophy of Huizinga, we are trying to develop games that give more happiness than excitement when played, and that release Seratonin and Dopamine.

In order to develop games suitable for the concept of Happy Games, Layka Games receives support from expert psychologists.

We aim to stimulate some basic areas in the neural centers of the brain with every game we develop and to bring happiness as a result.



Utku Yasavul

Head of Marketing

Yalın Şen

Head of Development

Baran Tolan

Game Developer

İpek Nur Sarıoğlu

Game Artist

Hasan Can Yılmaz

Game Developer

Ömer Faruk Duran

Game Developer

Ömer Furkan Başaran

Game Designer